The House

The History

The history of Palazzo Salis in Soglio starts in 1630 with the construction by knight Baptista von Salis. His descendants expanded the „Casa Battista“ 1701 into the stately home which still stands today in the middle of the tranquil mountain village. In 1797, as Napoleon separated the Valtelline and Chiavenna from the Grisons free state, many possessions of the family were lost and the family’s revenues from services in foreign armies dried up. Therefore the Salis were forced to enter new careers and eventually left Soglio. However, until today the house still belongs to the Salis family. In 1876 the mansion and its original furnishing became an inn. Preserved carefully over the years, the Palazzo Salis was awarded the title of „Historic Hotel of the Year“ by ICOMOS in 1998 and since 2004 is one of the founding members of Swiss Historic Hotels.

The Garden

The garden of the Hotel Palazzo Salis dates back to the years 1630/1701. The grounds are characterized by elaborately trimmed boxwood hedges which establish a clear order in the garden. Simultaneously, angled sections were built in which old fruit trees, shrub peonies, bushes and blooming perennials break the strict patterns. The hotel gardens most prominent element are the two redwood trees which were imported from America in 1884 and today shape the image of the entire village.
The garden was awarded the Schulthess garden prize in 2009.

Art and Culture

As Palazzo Salis was turned into a guest house and hotel in 1876, the house found its new destiny in sheltering travellers and seekers of rest and relaxation. And they came; amongst them the visual artists Giovanni Segantini, Alberto Giacometti, Hans Beat Wieland, the writers Rainer Maria Rilke and Hermann Burger, the literature critic Joseph Victor Widmann or the film maker Daniel Schmid.

Segantini used to say: „Soglio, la soglia del Paradiso.“

In keeping up with these illustrious guests, the visual arts, literature and music are still an inherent part of the palazzo and its environment.
The „edizione Palazzo Salis“ association organizes cultural events at Palazzo Salis and in Soglio during the summer season – always in dialogue with the location and with focus on the contemporary artistic work.

Hotel Palazzo Salis – Musikzimmer

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